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Get ready for the challenge with the TMLG Academy!

The captain’s examination has probably undergone the biggest change following the change in the law. The aim is to prepare captains as well as possible.

For this reason, a practical part of the exam has been introduced, which can also be carried out on our certified ship simulator. And the theoretical part of the exam has also been changed considerably, in this case for the better, I must say.

In any case, you need have no fear. You will be guided through the entire process by our expert guarantors and TMLG ACADEMY instructors.

During the captain’s course, we prepare you for both the theoretical and practical parts of the captain’s and radar examination.

Our experienced experts (instructors) will prepare you thoroughly for both the theoretical and practical aspects of the skipper’s examination. Our aim is to equip you with comprehensive knowledge and skills for a successful career as a captain.

Different types of patents:
In addition, we prepare you to obtain different types of patents, including A patent, B patent (EU), radar patent and route certificate.

The practical preparation will definitely be more fun.
Matúš Pohuba
Lecturer at the TMLG ACADEMY

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Kpt. Matúš Pohuba

Course programme

5 days theory
5 days practice on a certified simulator.

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