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The course aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the field of passenger transport. It includes the study of various aspects of the transport industry such as: Route planning, logistics, safety regulations, customer service and the management of transport vehicles.

The course also covers modern technologies and systems used in passenger transport, such as information systems, booking systems and digital payment systems: Information systems, booking systems and digital payment systems.

It also deals with ecological and sustainable aspects of transport.

The graduate receives

Comprehensive understanding of the transport sector:
Knowledge of all relevant aspects of passenger transport, including planning, logistics and safety standards.

The ability to effectively manage transport operations:
Skills required to effectively manage and coordinate transport operations, including team management and customer service.

Expert knowledge of the latest technologies and trends:
Understanding of current technology trends in passenger transport and the ability to utilise these to improve service.

Willingness to face the challenges of passenger transport:
Skills required to overcome a variety of challenges, including crisis management, safety measures and improving sustainability.

Increasing qualifications and the attractiveness of the labour market in passenger transport and related sectors.
Tomáš Petöcz
Founder of the TMLG ACADEMY

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