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First aid course

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Our first aid course provides comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in first aid.

The course includes:

Basic first aid: You will learn basic first aid techniques, including resuscitation and wound care.

Emergency measures: The course emphasises a quick and effective response in emergency situations.

Practical exercises: intensive practical exercises for real-life scenarios.


Advantages after graduation:

Rescue skills: You acquire skills that can save lives.

Suitable for everyone: Ideal for employees, parents or individuals.

Personal growth: increases self-confidence and preparedness for emergencies.

Timely and correct first aid increases the chances of survival. Realistically, we can save a human life. And that is our goal.
Tomáš Petöcz
Founder of the TMLG ACADEMY

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First aid course

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+421 948 303 305

Kpt. Matúš Pohuba

Course duration - 1 day

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