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Foreign language course

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The graduate receives:

Advanced language skills in your chosen language:
Graduates will gain comprehensive knowledge and fluency in their chosen language, including grammar, vocabulary and idiom.

Improved communication skills:
Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in their chosen language, i.e. speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Cultural and contextual understanding:
You will gain a better understanding of the culture and context of the countries where the chosen language is used, so that you can better understand and perceive the language in its natural use.

Greater competitiveness on the labour market:
Knowledge of a foreign language increases a graduate’s chances of finding employment, especially in fields that require international communication or working in a multicultural environment.

Opportunities for further education and personal development:
Graduates have the opportunity to further their education and develop their skills in their chosen language, whether through study, travel or work opportunities abroad.

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