Courses for sailors

Training course

Immediately after registering for the training course, you will automatically receive the rank of ordinary seaman.
Higher ranks in half the time.

With our course you can reach higher ranks in half the time!

Course details

The course can be seen as a comprehensive package that includes all other courses. At TMLG ACADEMY we organise a total of 14 different types of courses. All these courses are included in a comprehensive training programme called “TRAINING COURSE”.

After enrolment, the applicant is immediately given the rank of apprentice and then gradually achieves higher ranks in half the time through a combination of training and practice.

With our course you can reach higher ranks in half the time!

Rank of Sailor
Normal time to achieve: 360 days
Time with our course: 180 days

The rank of Boatswain’s Mate
Normal time to achieve: 720 days
Time with our course: 360 days

Helmsman rank
Normal time to reach: 1080 days
Time with our course: 540 days

You must also complete 8 trips upstream and 8 trips downstream before you can register for the captain’s examinations.

This study and training programme is truly unique. There is nothing you need to think about. This is a wonderful opportunity that you should take advantage of as soon as possible.

I could go on for hours about this training programme, but the most important thing is that we are able to train you from sailor to skipper in 3 years, all under one roof... Only for patents you have to contact the transport office or the SPS...
Tomáš Petöcz
Founder of the TMLG ACADEMY

Online registrácia

V prípade Vášho záujmu o absolvovanie kurzu vyplňte tento online formulár a my Vás budeme spätne kontaktovať.



+421 948 303 305

Kpt. Matúš Pohuba

Duration of the course

3 years (6 semesters)

Price of the course

1500 euros / semester

The course basically pays for itself, because you work while you study.
 And at the same time, you will rise in rank and thus in salary in a very short time.